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A statue thinking, representing the spirit of Dharma Wangi, which publishes ideas and debates on Buddhist philosophy in the spirit of the Nalanda tradition.

Dharma Wangi - A Space for Buddhist Debates

Welcome to Dharma Wangi, a space dedicated to exploring Buddhist philosophy and teachings. "Dharma Wangi" is a Malay term meaning "Fragrance (wangi) of the Dharma". In the Dhammapada V 56, the Buddha said, "Faint is the fragrance of tagara and sandal (names of incense), but excellent is the fragrance of the virtuous, wafting even amongst the gods.".

Here I document my thoughts and ideas on the subjects relating to issues in Buddhist teachings and its relevance (or irrelevance). Buddhism is a way of life that has been practiced for over 2,600 years and has spread across the globe. Yet, in many places, its presence is being diminished. In many places where it is prominent, it's force of goodness has not been optimized. Why is this happening?


Take your time to explore, learn, and grow with me. More importantly, start thinking aloud and say out what you are thinking. Do not keep silent. Silent ideas lay buried in hidden corners of the mind are like flower bulbs which die before they get to bloom. Talking and sharing give them a chance to bloom and grow, and perhaps even enable its prosperity through social and mental pollination.


All Buddhists have a mind. Not using them would be a sheer waste. The Buddha have said that to be born a human is a great "privilege". Use this privilege and do something that benefits this life. One need not be a Bodhisattva to save the world, but one can start by cultivating the spirit of a Bodhisattva.

Hi, this is me, Lim Kooi Fong, from Malaysia. I'm the Founder and Managing Editor of (Buddhist Channel). I've traveled to much of the Buddhist world covering news and events since 2004. I'm also a Dharma teacher of 30 years. I've met many excellent teachers, fought with some and even was involved in disrobing one. I've seen a lot (I think) and some things have effected me. It's time we put in some deep thinking and reflect where Buddhism is going!  

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